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The 10th Planet Blog is where you will find more stories about 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, learn about experiences our members have had, and to hear what Instructor Pat has on his mind. You may even discover training tips or other secrets to help maximize your Jiu Jitsu potential!

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Continuing to Grow Through the Fall Season

Thursday, December 7th @ 11:00 PM

We had a busy summer at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Springfield MA and powered right through an equally busy fall. Since our last update, we attended seminars, charity events, neighborhood events, had teammates compete, and head instructor Pat traveled to Los Angeles to train with Eddie Bravo and the top 10th Planet competitors from around the country.

Back in October one weekend the team split up with some going to compete at NAGA in Providence and others going to 10th Planet Fairfield for a seminar with Zach Maslany and JM Holland from 10th Planet Bethlehem. The seminar was well-attended with Zach and JM teaching quality technique as always. Below is Pat with Zach, JM, and teen phenom Grace Gundrum. Travis Passaro with the photobomb!

We had two first time competitors at NAGA the same day with Jarrett taking home gold and Ian getting some valuable experience his first time out. Luis took home silver after some nice submission victories.

Up next was the Black Belts For Butterflies autism charity event. The event was held at Manchester BJJ and featured a full line up of black belt seminars with all proceeds going to support autism. This event has the most positive environment with people from every team and affiliation coming together to support a common cause. Pat attended this event for the second time and spoke about his experiences raising a child with autism to help bring awareness to the community. So many great connections and relationships are made at these events that the incredible jiu jitsu is just an added bonus. We look forward to supporting and participating at future events with Black Belts For Butterflies. 

The following day Pat attended a local vendor event at the Gasoline Alley Foundation, just down the street from our academy. This was a great event filled with small business owners working together to promote business in the neighborhood. Pat and some of the team conducted a self defense demonstration at the onsite yoga studio for a small but engaged audience. We were invited back for another self defense workshop with Amy Bourque Yoga on December 15th. Click HERE to register.

Three days later Pat was on a plane to Los Angeles for an annual training camp and business meetings at 10th Planet Headquarters. 10th Planet affiliate owners from around the country came together to share business knowledge and techniques. Pat was able to fly in early to get several training sessions in with Eddie Bravo before the weekend kicked off. 

Friday night kicked off with an early end of the year party for all 10th planet members, where Pat ran into UFC lightweight champ and 10th Planet black belt Tony Ferguson. 

Saturday was a full day of business strategy sessions lead by various panelists to help everybody across the associate build and grow their businesses. Pat also got to spend time with his 10th Planet Phoenix team over the weekend. It was awesome to see his instructor John Botello get his first degree black belt and Don Daubert compete at the EBI qualifier.

Pat squeezed in a training session Sunday morning with a small group of other affiliate owners with techniques being exchanged. Sunday night was the first ever Combat Jiu Jitsu Worlds. It was an exciting environment to spectate in and the addition of palm strikes on the ground certainly brings jiu jitsu back to its self defense roots. Look for this at 10th Planet Springfield MA in the future as we look to evolve and tighten our jiu jitsu. 

You would think that it is time to stop and rest now during the holidays, but we are motivated and ready to keep pushing harder and harder to build the best team we can with the best versions of ourselves. We are still enrolling kids and adults so contact us through the links below and join us before it is too late!

What a Summer!

Sunday, October 1st @ 1:00 PM

With the launch of the academy in June we had a very busy summer at 10th Planet Springfield MA. After our grand opening we focused on the finishing touches of the build out, introducing all of our students to the curriculum and program, and recruiting to fill our core group of students.

Once we hit our rhythm we hosted two events in the month of August. I was scanning through Facebook one day and saw that Dean Lister was going to be in CT for a seminar the following week. It was really short notice but I knew I would regret not trying to get him into 10th Planet Springfield for a seminar. I attended a seminar with Dean when I was a blue belt at 10th Planet Phoenix and built my leg lock foundation off of his teaching. Many of the leg lock concepts and techniques I still teach come directly from what I learned through Dean at that time.

I called in a favor with 10P Phoenix moonhead John Botello, he got me in contact with Dean, and we setup a seminar for 4 days later. I was concerned about the attendance with such short notice but the local jiu jitsu community came through big time and we brought 40 people in for the seminar. Dean of course did not disappoint with his mix of stories and top notch instruction, not to mention the fact that he stayed an hour longer than planned! To say the least, we definitely look forward to hosting Dean again next time he finds his way out to New England.

Two weeks later we hosted our first women's self defense night in conjunction with our in-house neighbors New England Fit. We had nearly 40 women in attendance of all ages and backgrounds to learn fundamental self defense concepts for both standing and ground-based scenarios. We kept the mood light but focused on serious techniques that all of the attendees were able to execute. To top the night off there was shopping and raffles from local vendors. We received immense positive feedback so be on the lookout for another even coming up this fall or winter.

Two days later Luis and I went to compete at the AMMO tournament in S. Windsor. I had not competed since the spring and Luis is always game to compete so the two of us went and put our skills to the test. I ended up taking home bronze and Luis took home gold with two impressive submission wins. Two weeks later he went up to NAGA Albany and took home another gold with three submission wins!

We made it through the busy summer but there is no sign up slowing down as we move ahead into fall with a packed schedule of tournaments, seminars, and training trips. Check us out and come see for yourself what all of the excitement is about!

Ladies Night at 10th Planet Springfield

Saturday, July 29th @ 2:30 PM

We are offering a Ladies Night at 10th Planet Springfield! Join us for a FREE Women's Self Defense Seminar, followed by refreshments and shopping from vendors.

Having a good base for self defense is extremely important for any woman. We will be teaching basics of situational awareness to help avoid self defense situations, and as a last resort, how to defend yourself standing and especially from the ground. The majority of fights will end up on the ground, especially in cases of sexual assault. We will provide you with the tools you will need to put yourself in a better position to defend yourself in these situations.

There will also be raffles and prizes!! Please join us and share with all of your friends!

A Grand Experience Opening Weekend!

Wednesday, June 7th @ 8:30 PM

June 3rd was the official Grand Opening of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Springfield MA. The day was a massive success as we received an overwhelming amount of support from the surrounding jiu jitsu and martial arts community.

We were finally ready to train after spending countless hours on the building transformation over the last month. The paint was dry and the mats were down. We were ready to go. The Grand Opening day started with a free kids class for those interested in trying jiu jitsu. We had a great class with kids ranging from four to nine years old. They all had fun and are eager to come back!

After the kids class we packed in 50 adults for the free rubber guard seminar. Cars were lined down the street and people were lined up out the door waiting to get in. Head Instructor Pat Campagnola led the packed house through the seminar consisting of basic and advanced rubber guard techniques. After the seminar everybody stuck around for the open mat and enjoyed some food.

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to everybody that came out to support and everybody that has contributed to getting 10th Planet Springfield MA off the ground. We are officially open for business with a full schedule that can be found here.

Contact us now to sign up for your first free class!

Grand Opening Special

Friday, May 18th @ 10:30 PM

Join us for the grand opening of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Springfield MA on June 3rd. We will have a kids intro class, adult rubber guard seminar, and an open mat followed by a cookout. This entire event is free and open to all participants!

Please RSVP to the Facebook event to receive updates. Thank you for the support!

Schedule of Events

12:00 PM: Kids Intro Class

1:00 PM: Adult Rubber Guard Seminar

2:30 PM: Open Mat & Cookout

We will also have t-shirts, door prizes, raffles, and membership deals!

Sign up to learn more and stay up to date!